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Ice Island

Ice Island

Ice Island offers the First Ice Penguinarium in Andalucía, a chilly landscape populated by the best collection of penguin species consisting of the King, Magellanic, Gentoo and Macaroni penguins.

The Penguinarium is an enclosure that faithfully reproduces the natural habitat of these charming birds to achieve environmental conditions similar to the frozen cliffs of the southernmost lands on the Planet.

This cold home includes a rocky peninsula covered in natural snow and surrounded by a large pool of salt water. The enclosure is totally glassed-in so that visitors can see from al angles what the Penguins are like, how they live and move around, both within the water and on land.

What’s more, a meticulous selection of educational panels provide information about the most notable penguin species, curiosities about their original habitat and the fauna with which they cohabit in their frozen land of origin. You should not miss the penguin feeding time and check out their excellent appetite.