Educational Talks

Price:  Included in the ticket price
Duration:  20 min
Meeting point:  In each species' habitat
Activity animal:  Educational activities
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Learn about our species and habitats

Selwo Marina offers a full programme of entertaining educational talks about the habitats represented within the park and the species we are home to, including iconic animals like dolphins, penguins, sea lions, toucans and boa constrictors, all of which are representative of the world's marine and rainforest wildlife. Don't miss out!

Didactic talks timetable

  • 10:30 Discover The Tropics
  • 11:00 Environmental enrichment: Penguins
  • 11:10 Discover The Amazon
  • 12:20 Get to know the Sea Lions
  • 12:40 Get to know the Flamingos
  • 12:45 - 13:25: Environmental Enrichment: Saimiri Forest
  • 13:00 Get to know the Penguins
  • 15:00 Amazon Quizz
  • 15:30 Discover The Hondonada
  • 15:30 - 16:30 Environmental Enrichment: Saimiri Forest
  • 16:00 Enrivonmental Enrichment: Penguins
  • 16:30 Discover The Tropics
  • 16:45 Get to know the Flamingos
  • 17:50 Get to know the Sea Lions
  • 18:15 Get to know the Penguins

* Important information

Consult the park's opening calendar for the date of your visit

The schedule of activities and presentations is subject to change depending on the season or for technical or organisational reasons: we recommend that you consult the schedule close to your visit. If you have any doubts, ask when you arrive at the park. Consult the park's opening calendar. Selwo Marina reserves the right to modify or suspend its opening hours and certain services or activities due to the weather or operational reasons.

Would you like to check the activity and presentation timetables for the day of your visit? Download our new APP on your mobile phone. It will be very useful during your visit and you will be able to set up alerts so you don't miss a thing!

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Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP
Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP

Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP

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