Unique Experiences

Selwo Marina's Unique Experiences are a refreshing programme of animal interaction activities with a strong didactic component that will allow you to get closer than ever to some of the park's species. Who would you like to enjoy them with?



Choose your favourite interaction programme, find out more about what's on offer and book online at the best price to secure your place on the day of your visit - see you soon!

  • Dolphin Encounter

    Discover the bottlenose dolphin, a unique species. The Dolphin Encounter is an educational interaction specially designed to get closer than ever to this emblematic representative of marine fauna.

  • Penguin Encounter

    Get to know the home of the charismatic penguins of Ice Island: learn to differentiate between the four species, meet their offspring and observe their skills by entering a cave in the distant Antarctic!

  • DIST-SWM-Encuentro-Leon-Marino-1.jpg

    Sea Lion Encounter

    Get to know these marine mammals in depth. Learn the keys to be a great trainer, discover their skills by interacting with them and be surprised by their great intelligence. You can't miss it!

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Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP

Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP

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