Exotic Bird Educational Talk

Price:  Included in the ticket price
Duration:  20 min
Meeting point:  La Hondonada
Activity animal:  Educational activities
Accessible for people with disabilities
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Not to be missed!

Selwo Marina's exotic bird presentation offers a display of majestic flying by species from one of South America's most legendary and striking regions, the Amazon.

This rustic setting has an exhibition area and tiered seating that could well be found in a remote area of the Brazilian or Venezuelan jungle. The exotic bird presentation in La Hondonada offers visitors the opportunity to see the magnificent flying of different, colourful birds, just as they would fly in their natural environment, including the Blue-and-yellowMilitary and Red macaws or the surprising Toco toucan, as well as discovering the Six-banded Armadillo, a curious South-American mammal.

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Important information

The schedule of activities and presentations is subject to change depending on the season or for technical or organisational reasons: we recommend that you consult us close to the date of your visit. If you have any doubts, please ask when you arrive at the park.

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Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP
Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP

Selwo Marina in your hands with our APP

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