A communion in Malaga that you will remember for a lifetime!

Celebrate your child’s communion in a magical place. The best way to get all your family and friends together is at Selwo Marina, with unlimited access to all the park's programmes that day, including our famous dolphin display, the only ice penguinarium in Andalusia and an exclusive tour of our incredible ecosystems, all without leaving Malaga!

Contact us by phone on 952 577 773, through our online chat or via the following form. We can’t wait to welcome you!

If there are at least 20 of you at the party, the star of this very special day will receive a Bono Selwo Costa del Sol so that they and their family can enjoy the park all year round, plus another two Bonos to give as a gift to whomever they wish! What's more, our keepers and experts will give a warm greeting to all the communion guests at the dolphin display and a very special surprise at our exotic bird presentation.

Bono Selwo Costa del Sol 2022

Bono Selwo Costa del Sol 2022