Ice Island

Make new friends on Ice Island

Did you know that our park is very special and that we have some unique environments within our site? Curious? Well, what we're about to tell you is going to freeze you in your tracks, quite literally. At Selwo Marina, we have the only ice penguinarium in Andalusia and we call it Ice Island. 

Who doesn't love these cute little marine animals? Here, you can enjoy a chilly landscape populated by a whole host of penguin species, including King Penguins, Magellanic Penguins, Gentoo Penguins and Macaroni Penguins. Although the atmosphere is chilly where they are, the friendliness that radiates from them will give you a warm welcome! There, you can observe their way of life and share a moment with them.


The indoor, air-conditioned penguin facility faithfully reproduces the birds' natural habitat. It reproduces the environmental conditions of the icy cliffs in the southernmost reaches of the Planet. This chilly home is made up of a snow-covered rocky peninsula surrounded by a large saltwater pool. All this is housed in a glass enclosure that allows you to observe how these charismatic penguins live and move. Of all our many attractions, this is one of the most special and will become a precious memory for the whole family. Young and old alike will have a great time with these adorable animals, about which we still have a lot to learn. 


This unique facility allows you to watch themboth in and out of the water. We have thought of everything, including a selection of very useful educational displays. These provide information about the most remarkable penguin species, interesting facts about their native habitat and the wildlife they live alongside in their icy homeland. We learn something new every day and this will be no exception. Check out our Penguin Encounter.

 If you've always dreamed of being transported to the farthest corners of the Earth, this is the place for you. The moment you set foot on Ice Island, you'll feel like you've travelled to the South Pole.

Our Penguin Encounter is a unique experience in which you can get up close and personal with the penguins. Click here and reserve your place.

Discover our animal interactions!
Discover our animal interactions!

Discover our animal interactions!