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In the heart of the Costa del Sol, you will find Selwo Marina, a new concept of park, with activities aimed at getting closer to and learning to respect wildlife and with three key objectives: discovering, learning and having fun.

Through different educational talks that take place in the different areas of the park, we provide visitors with all the necessary information about the species that inhabit Selwo Marina in a dynamic and fun way.

All the species in Selwo Marina receive the highest standards of care to ensure their maximum wellbeing and always under the strict care of qualified staff made up of veterinarians, biologists and keepers.

Selwo Marina's animals live in controlled environments that are strategically designed to guarantee their maximum wellbeing. A team of expert veterinarians, biologists and keepers take care of the park's wildlife. The work of the Selwo Marina Wildlife Team includes feeding control, with personalised, well-balanced diets for each species, observation and monitoring of the wildlife and the special care that the department dedicates to reproduction, with monitoring of the gestation period and, then, of the babies.



Through the Parques Reunidos Foundation, Selwo Marina participates in different projects whose aims are the conservation and protection of wildlife, with a section especially aimed at species that are endangered and at risk of extinction, protection of the environment, biodiversity and raising social awareness of the problems faced by the natural environment. The park is a member of prestigious international associations like EAZA and AIZA, as well as following WAZA strategies on conservation and animal welfare.

Maintaining environmental balance is a priority for Selwo Marina and we are committed to protecting endangered species of fauna and flora.

It should be noted that Selwo Marina also participates in different captive breeding programmes for endangered species (EEPs), an important task that contributes to the conservation and breeding of our planet's endangered species."

Discover our animal interactions!
Discover our animal interactions!

Discover our animal interactions!

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