The Antilles

The Antilles is the area at Selwo Marina whose facilities transport us to the warm Caribbean to discover characteristic examples of its wildlife, such as bottlenose dolphins, sea lions and red flamingos.

This area includes the extensive dolphinarium complex, a large facility with a spacious grandstand and five large saltwater pools, including the presentation pool, where the Dolphin Educational Talk takes place, and the interaction pool, which hosts the unique Dolphin Encounter experience. In addition, there are specific pools for the training, breeding and veterinary treatment of the bottlenose dolphins. The large presentation pool is a spectacular circular pool where visitors can watch the dolphins underwater judy a few centimetres away from them thanks to the large transparent front panels.

Next to the dolphinarium is Sea Lion Bay, a facility that recreates a natural bay with a large saltwater pool that has been specially designed for the Sea Lion Swim, a unique and refreshing educational interactive activity involving this large marine mammal that allows you to get to know the Patagonian sea lions, that originate from the distant regions of Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia. Did you know that the adult male sea lion is distinguished by the large mane around its neck? This feature that is characteristic of the males of this large pinniped, which can weigh up to 300 kilos, gives them their common name.

Next to Sea Lion Bay is Flamingo Lagoon, an area that is home to a large flock of Red Flamingos, a social bird whose long legs allow it to wade into salt or fresh waters without getting its feathers wet and whose feathers take on their colourful hue due to its diet of shrimps and small crustaceans.

Have a unique experience with this amazing marine mammal

Have a unique experience with this amazing marine mammal