Dolphin Encounter

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Accessible for people with disabilities
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The Dolphin Encounter is a unique experience whose objective is getting to know and learning to respect this great marine mammal. This is a fun and educational interaction programme, prepared by Selwo Marina's Marine Mammals Department. Its key objectives are threefold: discovering, learning and having fun. The Dolphin Encounter is aimed at small groups, always accompanied by monitors, and takes place every day that the park is open. Want to know more? Read on and dive right into our marine world!



This interactive activity with dolphins takes place on a semi-submerged walkway in a pool that has been specially designed to allow you to get to know and be closer than ever to this intelligent marine mammal. In this activity, guided by experts, participants will learn about the most important characteristics that make the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) one of our planet's most unique mammals.You will learn to use the signals that connect the animals and keepers and you will become one of our team. Our dolphins will respond to your signals by showing parts of their anatomy, splashing, vocalising or doing jumps and spins, exercises that you can see in the educational presentations and that are also part of their daily activity in the ocean. We're sure it will blow your mind!
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Dolphins are very social animals and who doesn't like making new friends? Through them, and with the help of the Selwo Marina staff, you will learn to respect and care for the marine world while experiencing moments that will remain in your memory forever And, of course, you can share and relive this experience with your loved ones by taking home some of the videos and photos of the Dolphin Encounter captured by our photography team during the activity.

In addition, by participating in the Dolphin Encounter, you will be contributing to the Monk Seal Conservation Project in Mauritania. This is the most endangered marine mammal on the planet and through the Parques Reunidos Foundation, we are contributing to improving the conservation status of this colony.


Doesn’t that sound amazing? Don't wait any longer, find a date in your diary to spend a great day with us.  This activity has limited capacity, we recommend you to book online in advance to guarantee your place.



The minimum age for this activity is 2 years old. Children over 7 years old who are over 1.25m can participate unaccompanied. All children must be accompanied by a paying adult (over 18 years old) unless they are over 7 years old and at least 1.25 m tall. This activity is not suitable for pregnant women. We recommend that you bring a swimming costume for this activity, which can be worn on its own or under the wetsuit we provide. If you do not bring a swimming costume, a wading suit must be worn over your clothes. Remember that it is essential that you arrive at the park and report to the Information desk at least one hour before the start of the activity.

We have an amphibious chair for people with reduced mobility. Check conditions for its use by contacting us on 952 577 773 or email us at


Encuentro con delfines Selwo Marina

Online Purchase Conditions:

When booking your Dolphin Encounter online, you will choose and reserve the date of your activity at the same time as you purchase it. The Dolphin Encounter booking does not include admission to Selwo Marina, which must be purchased separately in order to be able to take part in the activity. Children under 3 years old have free admission to the park, but must have a place reserved and paid for in order to take part in the Unique Animal Interaction Experiences. Before purchasing the activity online, make sure that all visitors are able to participate: check all the terms and conditions for participating in the Dolphin Encounter and regarding the taking of photos and videos during interactive experiences.

It is said that life is all about the moments and, now more than ever, every experience counts. Act now and create your happiest memories, our dolphins are looking forward to meeting you!

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