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Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences

Discover what makes the bottlenose dolphin a unique species: its intelligence and ability to communicate, its physical peculiarities and the emotional bond with its keepers. An educational interaction specially designed to bring you closer than ever to this emblematic representative of marine fauna.

A unique experience with this incredible cetacean

Hand in hand with an expert guide, get to know the home of the charismatic Ice Island penguins: learn to differentiate the four species, meet their young and observe their ability to walk, climb and dive into a cave in faraway Antarctica!

Enter the icy territory of Antarctica

Get to know these marine mammals in depth and live a unique experience swimming together in their own habitat. Learn the keys to being a great trainer, discover their skills by interacting with them and be surprised by their great intelligence. You can't miss it!

Dive into the sea lions' bay!