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Las Antillas

Las Antillas

A relaxing stroll takes you to Las Antillas. In this Caribbean setting you will find the Selwo Marina, the only installation of this type in Andalucía, in which you can see the family of dolphins from up close and observe these incredible marine mammals which evolved over thousands of years to adapt to the aquatic environment. Also in this route you'll find sea lions.

This great complex consists of extensive bleachers from which to comfortably view the Dolphin and sea lion Demonstration, and also five pools, one for training, one breeding pool, one for veterinary treatments and then the exhibition pool. This last, the largest of all of them, is a spectacular circular pool of salt water, the front panels of which are transparent to enable visitors to see up close and underwater, at just a few centimetres distance, the dolphins belonging to the bottlenose species, originally from the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Nearby is the sea lions enclosure which enables visitors to get to know these playful young specimens of this species, originally from the faraway lands of Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia. The Selwo Marina family of sea lions delight one and all with the exhibition which bears their name. The adult males of this singular family have a great mane along their necks, from where their name comes, and can weigh as much as 300 kg., while females grow to 200kg.

In the Flamingo's lagoon live this stylized bird with colorful feathers and elongated legs who owes its tone to food.