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The Department of Education of Selwo Costa del Sol offers a complete program which conveys the main objective of a modern zoo such as bringing the different species it hosts to schoolchildren, the importance of preserving their habitats of origin, know the threats they face and raise awareness of the importance of their conservation, promoting respect for the environment.

The Selwo Marina school programme offers students different visit proposals that always include a tour of all the habitats of the park so that they know their fauna, the exhibitions of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions and presentations of exotic birds. In addition, there are various educational talks about penguins, different species native to the Amazon and the Tropics, squirrel monkeys, flamingos or alligators.

Dear visitor,

Due to the mobility restrictions established by the health authorities, Selwo Marina is bringing forward the end of its 2020 season.

Customers with tickets purchased for dates after 8 November 2020 will be able to request a change for any date in the 2021 season. To do so, please send an email to selwo@selwo.es with information about your tickets, including the date you wish to visit the park. For tickets purchased through external distributors, requests for date changes must be handled through them.

We thank you sincerely for your understanding and hope to see you soon.

Selwo Marina