Halloween in Selwo Marina

This time of year is the perfect time to visit us in costume with the whole family! Discover all the terrifying species that inhabit the park, such as boa constrictors, caiman lizards, mata-mata turtles, poison dart frogs and the dreaded piranhas, dispelling some of the myths associated with them and learning about their importance to the balance of the ecosystems they inhabit.

During your visit, you can also enjoy the themed areas and take some superb selfies. All our animals will be delighted to see you wearing your best Halloween costumes and you can make some unique memories of Selwo Marina at this time of the year, as well as continuing to enjoy our Unique Experiences!

The most terrifying species

  • Did you know that poison dart frogs develop their toxicity because they feed on poisonous insects? Generally, the most brightly coloured frogs are the most dangerous, but sometimes the opposite is true, a phenomenon that seems to be related to variations in their diet or the availability of prey in the area.
  • Were you aware that snakes are crucial to maintaining ecosystem balance? Despite their notoriety as scary creatures, they prevent us being overrun by rodents, while generally being harmless to humans. Without them, numbers of their usual prey would increase disproportionately, unbalancing the food chain with serious consequences for environmental biodiversity.

You can discover all these interesting facts and many more at our educational talks on the park's species, which, at this time of year, focus on the myths and legends that surround many animals and their importance to the environment. What would be truly terrifying would be losing them!

Visit Selwo Aventura and Benalmádena Cablecar

Also, remember that the thrills don't end here! You can also enjoy Selwo Aventura in Estepona and the Benalmádena Cable Car – by buying combined SelwoPack tickets, you can mix-and-match our attractions as you wish and visit them on different days. Always get the best price by buying online in advance!

  • Become an explorer at Selwo Aventura enjoying hanging bridges, adventure activities and an authentic African safari in the heart of the Costa del Sol! You will discover animals from across the five continents and learn about our work to protect them on an expedition you will never forget.
  • Soar into the sky on the Benalmádena Cable Car to enjoy unique views of the Malaga coastline, surrounded by the flora and fauna that make up the Mediterranean ecosystem. At the top, you can also enjoy an amazing flying demonstration featuring birds of prey that is definitely a must-see!
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Discover our animal interactions!
Discover our animal interactions!

Discover our animal interactions!