Agouti of Azara

Theme area:  Bosque de los Saimiris
Scientific name:  Dasyprocta azarae
Class:  Mammals
Continent:  South America
Habitat:  Rivers, marshes, swamps and lakes
Diet:  Herbivore
Weight:  200 - 500 gr
Size:  41 - 66 cm
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A great swimmer

These rodents live in tropical and subtropical rainforests, distributed in forest patches within savannahs and lowland Atlantic Forest, from sea level to about 700 m altitude. This species is common in closed habitats in eastern Bolivia and central Brazil, always in areas where there is abundant vegetation and normally always very close to water.

Where is their habitat?

Its body is elongated and slender, it has a short, hard coat and a small tail that is easy to distinguish. It is a diurnal animal that usually lives in pairs, in a territory that is defended by the male. Although fruit is their preferred food, agoutis have sharp incisors that allow them to break hard nut shells. When fruit and nuts are not available to eat, they feed on alternative sources such as fungi, insects and plants. They are great runners and very good swimmers.

Estado de Conservación
Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
Insufficient data
Not evaluated


is known as the "jungle gardener", as he often forgets where he has hidden nuts and seeds, which helps new plants to grow.
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Discover our animal interactions!

Discover our animal interactions!

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