Los Kioscos

Kiosks and coffee shops
Whether sweet or savoury, there's a huge choice for everyone.

We're sure you've spent a long time planning this special family day. All those anxious moments beforehand, browsing the park map to see what animals you'll find here... We know you want to make the most of your day, because every minute counts. If you are not interested in sitting down in a restaurant or cafeteria, because you prefer a quick bite to eat, we also have something for you. Besides, we know that you are already experts on our park and that you know that we have shows going on all the time. If you don't want to miss anything, but need to recharge your batteries, The Kiosks are for you.

The Dolphin, Bleachers, Amazon and Bird Kiosks are located in strategic parts of the park to make them easier to access. There, you can conveniently enjoy a wide range of food and drink while watching our presentations. We know that fun is guaranteed in our park and that you should come with lots of energy. However, the display times are an opportunity to take a break while still having a good time.

It it a sunny summer day? Why not choose one of our ice creams or a cold drink, such as a slushy, juice or soft drink... Try one flavour of ice cream each... or ask for one with three different scoops! Although, the lemon slushy does look amazing. It's a tough choice, we know!

In the mood for just a snack? We offer an assortment of snacks for all tastes, with sweet and savoury options. If it's time for an afternoon snack, the Kiosks are the perfect excuse to stop for a break. No two palates are the same, we know, so we offer a wide range of items to choose from. Make the most of the time spent watching the display to recharge your batteries... or to indulge in a little treat! We're sure that no member of the family will be disappointed.

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