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La Hondonada

La Hondonada

La Hondonada (The Hollow) is the area dedicated to the Exotic birds demonstration from one of the most legendary and vivid areas of South America, the Amazon.

This rustic setting has a demonstration area and a terrace, which could easily be found in any hidden corner of the Brazilian or Venezuelan jungle. The demonstration at La Hondonada provides the visitor with the opportunity of seeing the magnificent flight, just as they would do in their natural environment, of different and colourful exotic birds such as cockatoos, macaws, grey parrots… and that of other birds a little closer to home but no less surprising for it, such as peacocks or chickens.

A timber bridge, a solid timber footbridge built like those used to cross the many rivers in the heartlands of South America, will transport you to the new area in the Park. In the high region, near The Tropics, the territory in the park, there is a secluded garden where you can rest on your way; in the lower region there is a playground, with a number of activities such as a slippery slide and swings.

While the children enjoy themselves and feel like royalty in this space designed especially for them, you can have a refreshment, an ice cream or whatever takes your fancy at the Cabaña de las Delicias, the restaurant adjacent to this area.