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La Hondonada

La Hondonada

La Hondonada takes visitors to the remote landscapes of the Brazilian or Venezuelan jungles, where they can be surprised by the colorfulness of exotic birds and small mammals that inhabit the Amazon forest floor.

In a landscape surrounded by lush vegetation, there are surprising exotic birds such as the black-necked arasari toucan or the always curious six-banded armadillo, a curious South American mammal. Next to its facilities, the area dedicated to the Exotic Birds Presentation offers the visitor the opportunity to get to know the magnificent flights, as they would do in their natural surroundings, of different and colourful birds such as the blue-yellow, military and red and green macaws or the surprising toco toucan.

From here, a solid wood footbridge, built to resemble those used to save the many rivers in the heart of South America, leads to other areas of the park: at the top is Los Trópicos, a spacious walk-through aviary that houses different species representative of these severely threatened ecosystems. In the lower part is the children's playground, a space for the little ones with a slide or swings. While the children have fun and feel like the kings of this space specially designed for them, the parents can take a break from their expedition to have a soft drink or ice cream at Las Delicias, the restoration facility next to this area.


As the end of the 2020 season has been brought forward due to mobility restrictions imposed by health authorities, customers with tickets purchased for dates after 8 November 2020 will be able to request a change for any date in the 2021 season. Customers with tickets purchased for dates after 8 November 2020 will be able to request a change for any date in the 2021 season. To do so, please send an email to selwo@selwo.es with information about your tickets, including the date you wish to visit the park. For tickets purchased through external distributors, requests for date changes must be handled through them.

We thank you sincerely for your understanding and hope to see you soon.