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Activities and presentations timetable

Activities and presentations timetable

We are open every day from 10:00 to 18:00

Live a sea of adventures at the only dolphinarium and ice penguinarium in Andalucia and meet the more than 600 animals of the sea and the tropical forests than inhabit the park.


Do you want to know the schedule of activities and presentations on the day of your visit? Download our new APP in your mobile phone.  It will be very useful during your visit and you will be able to set up alerts so you don't miss anything!


Selwo Marina offers a complete programme of presentations and educational and fun talks about the habitats represented in the park and the species it houses, representative of the marine fauna and the forests of the world, including emblematic animals such as the bottlenose dolphin, king, gentoo, macaroni and Magellanic penguins, the South America sea lion, the toco toucan, the saimiri and the broad-snouthed caiman.

  • Exotic bird presentation: as well as fascinating species that fly over the rainforest every day, such as macaws and incredibly colourful toucans, be amazed by mammals such as the six-banded armadillo and learn about the importance of conserving tropical habitats and the dangers of fire.
  • Educational dolphin talk: appreciate the great learning capacity of these marine mammals, be surprised by their intelligence and be part of their communication skills. Discover the synchronization of their movements and their agility to jump!
  • Discover the Amazon: discover the most extensive tropical forest in the world, with around 7 million square kilometres belonging to nine countries. It is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, and at the same time it helps to maintain the global climate balance. Do you dare to discover some of the species that inhabit it?


Get to know the exclusive programmes of interaction with species in the park and don't miss the opportunity to live a unique experience and take away an unforgettable memory of your visit to Selwo Marina:

  • Dolphin Encounter: discover what makes the bottlenose dolphin a unique species: its intelligence and ability to communicate, its physical peculiarities and the emotional bond with its caretakers. An educational interaction specially designed to bring you closer than ever to this emblematic representative of marine fauna.
  • Penguin Encounter: from the hand of an expert guide, get to know the home of the charismatic penguins of the Ice Island: learn to differentiate the four species, meet their young and observe their ability to walk, climb and dive by entering a cave in faraway Antarctica!
  • Swimming with sea lions: get to know these marine mammals in depth and live a unique experience swimming together in their own habitat. Learn the keys to being a great trainer, discover their skills by interacting with them and be surprised by their great intelligence - not to be missed!
  • Photo with dolphin, sea lion or exotic bird: live a unique moment with some of the species of the park and take an unforgettable memory of your visit.

Joining the Dolphin Encounter, Penguin Encounter, Swimming with sea lions or VIP Visit requires prior reservation online jointly with the acquisition of the activity (does not include the entrance to Selwo Marina, which is essential for the activity). The Photo with Dolphin must be booked at the photography stand.