Aleppo Pine

Scientific name:  Pinus Halepensis
Fruit:  No
Fallen Leaf:  No
Toxic:  No
Size:  5 - 9 m
The Aleppo Pine is a tree species of the genus Pinus, belonging to the Pinaceae family It can reach up to 5.9 m in height. It has a large, twisted trunk with reddish-grey bark and an irregular crown. It also has reddish, oval-shaped strobiles that are about 10 cm long with long needles, grouped in pairs, very flexible and slightly yellowish. It produces small, stalked pine cones and is very resistant to aridity.

DISTRIBUTION: It grows at low altitudes between sea level and 200 metres, although in southern Spain it can reach 1,000 metres

INTERESTING FACT: It contains turpentine as an active ingredient.

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Still don't have your ticket?