Sea Lion Encounter

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Discover the most refreshing activity at Selwo Marina! Enter the Sea Lion Bay, surrounded by cliffs and viewpoints, and enjoy being closer than ever to the Patagonian sea lion (Otaria flavescens): hand in hand with their keepers, you will discover everything about this species, how they cope in the marine environment and what we do for their care and conservation and you will also learn some of the signals with which to communicate with them!


Once you are dressed in your swimming costume, we will introduce you to our imposing male sea lion, Guido. With him, you will discover the anatomy of these pinnipeds, adapted to the marine world, and how they collaborate with our team of keepers through medical training to ensure their well-being, always on a voluntary basis and with positive reinforcement, so that we can check their state of health and take the best possible care of them!

Then, inside their habitat of more than 330,000 litres of salt water, you will be amazed by their agile movements in the water. Although it can reach 350 kilos, the Patagonian sea lion is an excellent swimmer!

Encuentro con león marino Selwo Marina
Encuentro con león marino Selwo Marina


But the surprises don't end here: our Conservation Team will show you some of the signals they use to interact with our sea lions and you will be able to interact with Guido yourself through a signal, it will be like becoming a sea mammal trainer for a moment!

And what's more, if you want to take away an unforgettable souvenir of this experience, don't worry! During the Sea Lion Encounter, our photography team will take pictures of the activity, which you can view without obligation at the Photography Stand at the entrance of the park to choose from all the souvenir products available.


Online purchase conditions

When purchasing the Sea Lion Encounter online, the date will be booked together with the purchase of the activity. The Sea Lion Encounter booking does not include the entrance ticket to Selwo Marina, which must be purchased in order to take part in the activity. Before purchasing the activity online, make sure that all visitors can participate in it: check all the conditions to participate in the Sea Lion Encounter and about taking pictures and videos in the interactions. The minimum age for this activity is 4 years old. Children between 4 and 6 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult (minimum 18 years old). In this case, the adult must purchase a ticket for the Sea Lion Encounter. Activity not permitted for pregnant women. For this interaction it is essential to bring a swimming costume. For this interaction it is advisable to bring a swimming costume, with which you can participate in the activity directly or use it with the wetsuit that we will provide you with; if you do not bring a swimming costume, a wading suit must be worn over your clothes. Participants must present themselves at Customer Service or at the Ticket Office 1 hour before the activity starts and at the VIP Area at least 15 minutes before the activity starts.

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