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VIP Visit

The VIP Visit is a new program, specially designed to meet closely the more emblematic species of Selwo Marina, such as dolphins, penguins and sea lions as well as other fascinating species and the habitats where they live.

To know the dolphins, their characteristics, how they interact among themselves and how they do it with human beings is one of the proposals of this Unique Experience. This approach is carried out in the Delfinarium´s beach, an area of exclusive access to keepers, and now for the participants of this exclusive program as well.

The VIP Visit also offers to be very close and in a very special manner to other emblematic species, such as the sea lion and the Amazon fauna, with different species such as the piranhas or the poison-dart frogs.

The VIP exclusive proposal is complemented by a visit to the interior of the Penguinarium to meet, always with an expert guide, the family of penguins of Selwo Marina, composed of four different species: the King penguins, the gentoo penguins or Pygoscelis papua, the Macaroni penguins and the Magellanic penguins. In this visit you will have access to the icy interior installations of the Penguinarium to know the habitat of these incredible birds and to participate in a feeding session of the penguins.

The VIP Visit of Selwo Marina is an exclusive activity which, in addition to enjoyment, it also provides an educational message and of preservation, to sensitise the visitors about the different species of the Planet and, therefore, with three key objectives: to learn, to entertain, to discover. Part of the revenue generated by the activity is destined to those preservation projects with which Selwo Marina is directly involved, as a member of the Fundación Parques Reunidos.

This activity is suitable for adults and children from 2 years. Children between 2 and 6 years must be accompanied by a paying adult (minimun 18 years old and maximum maximum two children per adult). In this case, the adult must buy a ticket to join VIP Visit together with the child. Activity not allowed for pregnant women. For this interaction it is essential to bring a swimsuit.

The tickets for the VIP Visit can be bought in our website, but before acquiring the activity it is ESSENTIAL to book in advance on 952 577 773 to ensure the place. Buying the VIP Visit does not include tickets to the park.


As the end of the 2020 season has been brought forward due to mobility restrictions imposed by health authorities, customers with tickets purchased for dates after 8 November 2020 will be able to request a change for any date in the 2021 season. Customers with tickets purchased for dates after 8 November 2020 will be able to request a change for any date in the 2021 season. To do so, please send an email to selwo@selwo.es with information about your tickets, including the date you wish to visit the park. For tickets purchased through external distributors, requests for date changes must be handled through them.

We thank you sincerely for your understanding and hope to see you soon.