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Swimming with Sea Lions

Swimming with Sea Lions

Swimming with Sea Lions is an exclusive, educational and fun activity that is part of Unique Experiences interacion programme, which allows you to discover a fascinating world of exclusive interactions.

The interaction programme takes place in the Sea Lions Bay, a spectacular saltwater pool that transports participants to an exotic seascape surrounded by cliffs and viewpoints located next to the Selwo Marina VIP Zone, an exclusive space specially designed for participants in the Unique Experiences. With a capacity of 330,000 litres of salt water, the Bay has been specially designed to meet, swim and dive with the South American sea lion (Otaria flavescens) to live and enjoy an unforgettable encounter, allowing you to learn what this intelligent marine mammal belonging to the Otaria family is like and how it behaves. Each session begins with an educational talk and study of the anatomy of this species and then share space with them in the water, where different exercises are performed.

This activity has limited places, we recommend booking online in advance to guarantee your place. This activity is suitable for adults and children from 4 years and it requires the ability to swim. Children between 4 and 6 years must be accompanied by a paying adult (minimun 18 years old). In this case, the adult must buy a ticket to join Swimming with Sea Lions together with the child. Activity not allowed for pregnant women. For this interaction it is essential to bring a swimsuit. This activity will be operational until the 14th of November.

To buy online the Swimming with Sea Lions the reservation will be made jointly with the acquisition of the activity. The purchase of the Swimming with Sea Lions does not include the entrance to Selwo Marina, which is essential for the activity.

Before purchasing the activity online, make sure that all visitors can participate in the activity: check all the conditions to participate in the Swimming with Sea Lions and for fotographs and videos in the animal interactions.