Horned Toad

Theme area:  Amazonía
Scientific name:  Ceratophrys cranwelli
Class:  Amphibians
Continent:  South America
Habitat:  Tropical forest
Diet:  Carnivorous
Weight:  500 gr
Size:  20 cm
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It is a terrestrial toad that is endemic to northern Argentina, southeastern Bolivia and western Paraguay.

Its body is as long as it is wide, with a large mouth and protuberances on the upper part of its eyes, which is why it is known as the horned or ‘horny’ toad. They are sexually dimorphic, with males being smaller than females and their colouring more intense.

They like to remain hidden or camouflaged in the soil and leaf litter, going unnoticed by their prey. They are very voracious and nocturnal animals.

They reproduce when the first rains come and the eggs are deposited in groups in the water. The tadpoles are cannibalistic immediately after hatching and transform within three weeks.

Their main threats come from the pet trade and from being killed due to the mistaken belief that they are poisonous.

Conservation Status
Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
Insufficient data
Not evaluated


It is also known as the Pac-Man toad, due to the large size of its mouth and because it swallows any prey within its reach, even sometimes gagging due to the large size of its prey.
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