Scalar or Angelfish

Theme area:  Amazonía
Scientific name:  Pterophyllum scalare
Class:  Fish
Continent:  South America
Habitat:  Rivers, marshes, swamps and lakes
Diet:  Omnivore
Weight:   /
Size:  hasta 15 cm
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The Scalar fish is native to the calm waters of the Amazon River and Guyana in South America.

Its shape allows it to move around vegetation and tree trunks without getting trapped. This fish comes in a wide variety of colours.

It’s behaviour is gregarious and territorial until it finds a mate, to whom it bonds for life. There is no sexual dimorphism and it is only possible to distinguish between males and females at spawning time.

The female chooses the most aggressive-looking male because he will then defend the fry better and seems to have more reproductive experience. After mating, thefemale deposits 150-300 eggs on a hard, vertical surface, which can be leaves or rocks that have been previously cleaned by the couple to ensure the eggs are fixed in rows. Once deposited, the male fertilises them. Hatching occurs after 3 days and, during this time, both parents will take care of the eggs to prevent them from being eaten by other fish.

Conservation Status
Extinct in the wild
Critically endangered
Near threatened
Least concern
Insufficient data
Not evaluated


The parents fan the eggs with their fins to remove any eggs that have been damaged.
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