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Use of cookies

Use of cookies

What is a cookie?

It is a storage and retrieval of information device that is downloaded to your computer or an electronic Users device when they access certain web pages or applications. Cookies enable collection of certain information about the user’s browsing habits or of your computer or device, enabling better service from a website and providing a better user experience.

What type of cookies does this website use?

Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales, S.A. (owner of the Portal) and Leisure Parks, S.A. (entity that operates through the Portal) uses on this website the cookies described to follow:

1. Our own cookies

They are cookies strictly necessary for the provision of certain services expressly requested by the User.  If the User deactivates these cookies they will not be able to correctly receive the contents, products or services of this Portal.

The type of in-house cookies used on this Portal by the aforementioned entities, and the information obtained through same, are detailed to follow:


Types of cookies Purpose Specific Uses

Session Cookies

These cookies provide information about the registry of entries and Users browsing on the Website, as well as details of the shopping cart.
They are valid only during the visit of the Website User. These cookies do not permanently record any information on the hard drive of your computer and they expire at the end of the session.

These cookies are only associated with an anonymous User and do not provide references that allow us to deduce or know the identity (name and surname) of Users who browse our Website.

Registering entries of Users on the Website.
Providing services of the information society expressly requested by the User and in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to the Website.

During the online shopping process through our Website, cookies only collect information about (i) the User’s browser and, (ii) the ID of the session for that User during your visit to the web site to handle the purchasing process (particularly, bank reconciliations) and to verify the correctness of the data provided by the User in such purchase process. In this process, the data entered by the User will be associated to the session identifier for the sole purpose of performing bank reconciliations and accrediting the contracting partner.


2. Third Party Cookies


These cookies are not strictly necessary for the provision of services through the Website or for browsing the website.

Third party cookies used on this Website and the information obtained through them by the aforementioned entities and by third parties listed below is as follows:


“_stid” (SHARETHIS) Its purpose is to associate the User with subjects of interest based on the content that the User visits, consumes and shares when browsing. PERSISTENT
“_uste” (SHARETHIS) Its purpose is to find out whether cookies have been previously installed on the User’s computer or electronic device by accessing certain web pages to avoid, during the following eight (8) hours, downloading a new cookie to their computer or electronic device. PERSISTENT
“_unam” (SHARETHIS) Its purpose is to quantify the number of Users who share specific content and how many web pages are visited as a result of this action. PERSISTENT
“UID, UIDR” (SCORDCARDSEARCH) They are additional cookies created by Sharethis. Their purpose is to analyse audience size and analyse anonymous usage statistics. PERSISTENT

“B, BX, others”


These cookies are implemented on web pages with the Flickr widget.  They can be attributed to both Flickr and Yahoo! PERSISTENT (owners of Flickr). The “BX” and “B” cookies are implemented for all Users, and the others, only if the User has begun a session on his/her Flickr account. Yahoo! can use the information gathered to provide the User with adverts based on their browsing activities and their interests. PERSISTENT
“Visitor_Info1_Live” (YouTube) Its purpose is to estimate the User’s bandwidth. PERSISTENT
“use_hitbox” (YouTube) Its purpose is to increase the “views” counter on a specific YouTube video. PERSISTENT
“PREF” (YouTube) Its purpose is to store the session preferences for the activity viewed during the User’s browsing.  These cookies do not store information that enables PERSISTENT us to identify the User. PERSISTENT
“__ga” (Google) This cookie facilitates distinguishing Users who browse the website, but without under any circumstances knowing the identity of same. PERSISTENT
“__utma” (Google) This cookie generates a unique User ID.  This unique User ID enables us to quantify the amount of times a User visits the website.  Likewise,  PERSISTENT it enables us to record the first and last time a User visits the Portal. PERSISTENT
_utmb (Google) Its purpose is to record the arrival time of the User on the website and it expires every thirty (30) minutes after the final record of a page viewed by the User.  It automatically deletes when changing websites or closing the browser.  If the User remains more than thirty (30) minutes on the website without any activity and again requests a web page, this will be deemed to be a new user session. SESSION
“__utmc” (Google) This cookie establishes when the User has finished a session.  It enables us to check whether the session should be kept open or a new session should be created. SESSION
“__utmz” (Google) This cookie stores the traffic source or the campaign through which the User reached our Portal.  The cookie is created when the “JavaScript” library  is executed and updated every time information is sent to Google Analytics. PERSISTENT
“__utmv” (Google) This cookie enables us, from the basis of the User’s registration details, to segment demographic data, such as the gender or age of the Users who visit the Portal, purely for statistical purposes pertaining to activity on the Portal, and for the purpose of improving the User experience on the Portal, on the basis of the information obtained.  The information is obtained through “_setVar” from the Google Analytics code. PERSISTENT

How can I obtain more information about hoy to manage cookies and where applicable, block or delete them?

The User may freely decide about (i) the implementation or not of our cookies on their hard disc or (ii) the receipt of an on-screen warning of the installation of each cookie (individually considered), and decide at that moment whether to allow their implementation on your hard disc, or not, by:

 1. Configuration of the User’s Browser options.

- For more information about the Google Chrome browser, click here.
- For more information about the Explorer browser, click here.
- For more information about the Mozilla Firefox browser, click here.
- For more information about the Safari browser, click here.

 ​2. Use of third party tools available on-line.

Certain third party tools available online enable the User to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation, for example, if the User does not want to be tracked by “Google Analytics” on all websites, they can access https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en.

If the User were to configure their browser to reject all cookies or expressly reject the cookies inherent to this specific website, they may have difficulties in completing the online purchasing process on our Portal. Consequently, the navigation of the User on our website may be slower or they may experience some type of error.

Acceptance of the use of cookies on this Portal by Users may at any time be revoked by means of the configuration options on your browser (previously mentioned) and the privacy options available on the Portal, as well as by sending an electronic mail to dpo@grpr.com​​​​​​​, if you have any concerns or questions about our cookies policy.